InFamous Crime Scenes in Lithium: The Black Dahlia.

Did you know that someone could mutilate and bisect your body and then just walk away, never get caught, and live a happy life? Well, now you know.

On January 15, 1947, Elizabeth Short was found murdered in the Leimert Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

Elizabeth kwon posthumously as the “Black Dahlia” was an aspiring actress, whose case became world famous due to the graphic nature of the crime.  Her corpse was mutilated and was completely severed at the waist and drained entirely of blood, leaving her skin a pallid white.

Frederick Newbarr, the coroner, stated the body was completely cut in half using a technique taught in the 30’s called hemicorporectomy, where the lumbar spine was transected between the third and second lumbar vertebrae, severing the intestine at the duodenum to remove the lower part of her body. This cut was performed after death, leaving very little bruising along the incision line.  There was another gaping laceration from the umbilicus to the pubic region.  Lacerations on each side of the face, from the lips (3 inches on the right side, 2.5 inches onthe left). Her anal canal was dilated at 1.75 inches suggesting that Short may have been raped. The cause of death  was hemorrhaging from lacerations to her face and the shock from blows to the head and face.

The media sensationalized the case in multiple articles, even describing the black tailored suit she was wearing, as a tight skirt and sheer blouse, and nicknamed her as the Black Dahlia.

Time Magazine listed the Black Dahlia, as one of the most infamous unsolved cases in the world.

Go find the Black Dahlia, the Inmate 39 will show you the way, just be prepared, looks like there are plenty of ways to die near the asylum.

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