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The Nightmare is About to Begin

Are You a Real Gamer?

Incredible Atmosphere

Grey scale colors with vivid red blood being displayed in dangerous and deadly situations.

Real Psychiatric Patients

The creatures in the game are inspired on drawings made by real psychiatric patients.

Two Play Styles

In the face of danger a very powerful ally will be helpful to furiously tear apart and destroy your enemies.

Lithium Inmate 39

Relapsed Edition

The creepiest platform and 3D puzzle game for horror genre.

A troubled psychiatric patient must fight his distorted reality to find out what’s going on with his mind and who he really is.

Join Inmate 39’s fight against his deepest fears and nightmares and see the world in an unthinkable way, where the most morbid and grotesque creatures come to life to hunt you down and cut you into pieces.

Are You Ready to Die?


Bizarre Creatures


Traps and Puzzles


Epic Bosses

The Game Everybody Talks About

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